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Blog 5 Bad Eating Habits to Avoid at Work


5 Bad Eating Habits to Avoid at Work

  • by Dylan Edwards
  • November 16, 2016

Are you ever at work and have the urge to go grab that last donut in the lounge? It’s common that many people in the working world have developed their bad habits of eating in the work place. Whether you have back to back meetings, a lot of tasks to complete by the end of the week, or you’re realizing that a Tuesday lunch meeting has become an everyday lunch meeting which has started to contribute to the seams in your pants busting out.

Well what can you do to avoid those bad habits? Here are 5 things to AVOID when at work!

1.Mindless Snacking

Your half way through your work day and you start to realize that the coffee you had a few hours ago just isn’t cutting it anymore so you decide to head to the vending machine and grab yourself a bag of skittles, and a candy bar, and heck why not a Soda to go along with it. Then you tell yourself that you’ll make up the snacking by eating something healthy when you get home… until you actually get home and remember that you have that leftover dessert from last night.

2.Skipping Lunch

You had a muffin with your coffee this morning so you decide to work through lunch and power through until your next break where you end up only having ANOTHER coffee. This is a bad idea because now your body is looking for energy source that it would normally receive from food and if it can’t find it, it’ll start taking it from places that your body needs it most like your brain. This is what will cause your day to start dragging and headaches will build up if you don’t properly hydrate after drinking coffee throughout the day.

3.Stuck in meetings all day

You walk in to the board room and realize that you are in for the long haul. Thankfully there is a tray will orange juice, fruit, and an assortment of tasty muffins waiting for you that can help you get through these meeting.

Again, this is not the route to take. Although you have orange juice and fruit to snack on during the meeting the sugar from both content will add up quickly and be stored as fat!

4.Working Late

You’ve got the late shift tonight. You know that once you’re out of work it’ll be difficult to go home and make yourself a meal so you decide to order a pizza on the way home.


5.Skipping Breakfast

You wake up late and now it’s too late to make yourself that well balanced breakfast that you told yourself you’ll start making. So instead, you’re going to grab a coffee and rush to work with no food in your body.

Skipping the most important meal of the day is like telling your body “Hey! It’s going to be a long day so I’m going to make you suffer and not put food in you”

That’s pretty much a typical working day for anyone. Going for a long period of time without food and then snacking on fruit, drinking way to much coffee, and sugary drink and candy. At the end of the day this will all add up and cause stress, weight gain and will reduce your productivity level.

So what can you do to avoid these things?

Start by creating the habit of prepping your meals in batches of once or twice a week so you never have to worry about going through another day living off of coffee and sugary snacks. A start of a healthy diet consists of meals that contain sort proteins (chicken, beef), Carbohydrates (potatoes, rice), and a batch of veggies like green beans to go with each meal. Simple meal prep like this can be the gate way to the healthier lifestyle that you’ve wanted to achieve.

If you have children, you can instantly make their lunches as you prep your meals which will help them benefit from a healthy packed lunch when at school. Now once your packed all you have to do if put your meals in a portable cool lunch bag and grab it on your way out to work!