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First Blog Post

  • by Editor Players U
  • October 21, 2015

Greetings to all of my fellow Players U member’s and athletes,

Are you having a hard time finding the fitness information you are searching for on the internet? Or, do you just have no clue where to even start when browsing the infinite web, making it a hard and strenuous task to go out of your way to self educate yourself to better understand your body, mind and action? Well, no need to go and browse aimlessly for hours not getting the proper information you are searching for.

We are introducing a brand new feature to amplify your Players U experience!! Personal trainers; Garrett Peterson and Dylan Edwards, will be coordinating all of the blog posting material which will be posted for all to see and take utmost advantage of. This blog will be heavily focused on re-posting credible professional articles, summarizing and describing main points, posting discussion topics and creating thought provoking video logs. We pride ourselves on educating ourselves on a daily basis and believe it is PIVOTAL that anyone who is serious about fitness and their overall goals in life do the same. Be a student of the world around you, the environment that engulfs you and the unique experiences tied to solely YOU throughout your life. All of this useful material will be at your own disposal and should be shared with those who share the common passion of self improvement. This page is meant to accurately educate the public/athletes, promote a mindful and positive self-educating environment and spread the almighty abundance of knowledge so that we can all, as a community, continue to grow and sharpen our natural skills of the body and mind!