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1.) Does Players U offer memberships?: Yes, we offer memberships starting off at $25 dollars/month. This allows you to access our facilities during operational hours for your own enjoyment.


2.) If I buy a package how long does it last?: Packages normally last for a year here at the U. But it depends who/what you purchase a package for. Some trainers may make it clear when attempting to purchase a package that there is a certain expiration date when the package expires. This is usually dependent on the Personal Trainer.


3.) Are there locker rooms/showers?: We do not have locker rooms or showers. We have 4 bathrooms but they do not have adequate space for changing. So, if you are coming from work or school, make sure to change into whatever gear necessary prior to arriving.


4.) Where is Players U located?: 412 E. Business Center Drive, Mt. Prospect, IL


5.) Is Players U for athletes only?: No way! We also serve the general public with memberships and hold adult boot camp classes multiple times per week.


6.) Do you get a discount for purchasing multiple sessions/packages at one time?: Yes, this varies by the trainer or program that you are looking to enlist under, but we do provide bulk pricing for those who are looking to make a long-term commitment to taking themselves to the next level!


7.) Are their any discounts if I bring friends or teammates in for group training?: Yes, the more the merrier! The more people you get to enlist in a group training session the less you will all have to pay per session. This also only applies for certain trainers/programs.


8.) How does the payment process work, are their payment plans?: We advise you pay for your packages upfront as it makes it much easier for us to keep track of how many sessions remain and what your current balance is. Some trainers may allow for their to be a payment plan over a certain period of time. If this is the case, all details and payment options discussed must be followed and on time.