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Blog Mixed Martial Arts Classes (Bushido)


Mixed Martial Arts Classes (Bushido)

  • by Editor Players U
  • October 17, 2015

BUSHIDO KARATE, Created in the 1970s by Grandmaster Robert Beal and Grandmaster Fred Degerberg, is a synthesis of fighting arts taught in a non traditional manner combining various styles of boxing, karate, Kung Fu, and kickboxing. Bushido, the Way of the Warrior, originates from the moral values of the samurai, stressing a combination of discipline, loyalty, martial arts mastery, and honor unto death.

Grandmaster Robert Beal is the Chief Instructor of the Bushido Fighting Society. Grandmaster Beal is a member of the Illinois Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the Illinois Boxing Hall of Fame.

Bushido Classes at Players U will be run by Dylan Edwards, Grandmaster Beal’s grandson and one of only two people who have received a Bushido black belt from Grandmaster Beal.